Run To Give Marginalized Women A Brighter Future

Hit the trail with us and raise funds so young women trapped in poverty and abuse can rise above the ashes.
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Millions of women feel trapped & without options to care for themselves

Poverty & Homelessness

Young women in poverty are prime targets for human trafficking. Some sell themselves for food and shelter. Others are lured by traffickers with false promises of a better life.

Period Stigma

In many parts of the world, young women can’t attend school, work, or participate in society while on their periods. Many fall behind without the ability to provide for themselves.

Constant Suffering

Women without access to feminine hygiene products and hygiene education suffer from painful infections and diseases that would otherwise be preventable with self care.

You can Give hope & freedom

Your miles and fundraising efforts bring marginalized women:

Freedom From Abuse

Safe housing and the resources they need to rebuild their lives.

Freedom From Pain

Access to feminine hygiene essentials, medical care, and education on how to care for their bodies and prevent painful infections.

Freedom To Thrive

The ability to stay in school, provide for themselves, and participate in their community.

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Finish Strong & Change Lives

Cross that finish line with your loved ones cheering you on. You’ll discover your own strength and resilience while bringing hope to women in need.

When Women Say Yes

Amazing things happen when a group of women follow their inborn desire to change the world for the better. Here's what we accomplished together since 2023.

176 Women

Trained together and finished strong

$96,442 Raised

To empower women locally & globally

1280 Miles

Logged as a team during the event
“With my family, my job, and everything else going on in life, it’s easy to forget about the grit I have inside myself. Participating in RFH and learning about the women it’s helping has put a fight in me that is still there. It has changed the conversations my husband and I have with our kids, and has changed how our kids look at the world.”

Erin Westbrook

“My biggest fear was not finishing, but the dedicated women in this community helped keep me going. It didn’t matter how fast you finished. No one was getting left behind. It became this sense of community that no matter what this looks like, we’re all in it together. It was amazing to cross that finish line and see my kids there with their hearts in it, too. Seeing how proud they were was just everything to me.”
Tonya Pfeifer
“I’m a bit of a homebody and introverted, so I was nervous to run and train with other women. I kept asking, ‘Am I going to be fast enough? Am I wearing the right gear? Am I going to slow other people down?’ Any time you’re doing things with other people, it takes a certain amount of vulnerability, but knowing that we were all here for this amazing cause, that brought us all together.”
Michaela Anderson